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5 Seriously Scary Urban Legends that Need to be Horror Films!

We all encounter urban legends and scary rumors constantly. As part of an ongoing series, has been curating the scariest urban legends we come across, and then hypothetically pitching the concepts as a horror movies. Some of these urban legends are supposedly true, and some of them are just questionable rumors, but they are all pretty damn freaky and could easily be crafted into terrific horror flicks!

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The Legend: A babysitter is sitting for a new client. After putting the children to bed, she heads to the living room where she sits and watches TV. She can’t help but notice a life-sized clown statue sitting in the corner of the room. She puts it out of her mind as she watches TV. A little later, the parents call to check up on the sitter. The babysitter reassures them that everything is alright. Just in passing, she mentions the clown statue. In a panic, the parents tell her to grab the children and run next door, they are going to call the cops because they don’t own a life-sized clown statue. Turns out the clown statue was actually a knife wielding maniac dressed as a clown.

The Movie Pitch: First of all, who in their right mind would think your average couple would go out and buy a life-sized clown statue?! I’d like to see the movie that’s playing in the babysitters head- you know, the one where she envisions a housewife going to Pier 1, seeing a life-sized clown statue, and saying “I’ve got the perfect place for that”. But as for the real movie, this would make for a nice Clown Killer vs Babysitter film.




The Legend: A man calls tech support to report that his computer is making a strange hissing noise and has now suddenly stopped working. Tech support tells the man to check to make sure his computer is still plugged in. When he turns the machine around, he makes a horrific discovery. This one comes with a supposedly totally legit picture of the problem.

The Movie: “Get these mother fucking snakes out of this mother fucking computer!”




The Legend: A young couple are holding wedding reception in the bride’s palatial family home. Late in the evening, they decide to play a game of hide and go seek. The bride runs to the attic where she finds an old cedar trunk. She slips inside the trunk and shuts the lid. Hours pass, and the bride is never found. Eventually, the bride falls asleep in the trunk. A bit more time has passed, and the rest of the party realizes that they haven’t found the bride yet. They look everywhere for her and even call the police. Eventually, they believe that she may have just run away. The next morning, after everyone had already left, the bride wakes up inside the trunk. Unable to get out, she eventually starves to death in her tomb. Years later, her younger sister is having her wedding reception and decides to have everyone play hide-and-go-seek. The sister runs up to the attic where she opens the same trunk only to find her sister’s remains and scratches on the lid of the trunk where the bride tried to claw her way out.

The Film: You could go with a typical haunting story with this one where the ghost of the bride is trying to send a message, “Hey, someone look in the god damn trunk”. Or if you want to go more art-house, you could look to the 1988 Dutch film SPOORLOOS. The groom could spend the next two years searching the globe trying to find his lost bride only to have her turn up dead in an old trunk in the attic. Then after the credits roll, we could all go out to the parking lot and smoke cigarettes while discussing how futile life is.




The Legend: This one is a bit more sci-fi, but the picture/legend went viral just a fews months back, dominating our Facebook feeds for a good week. Though it just recently exploded in the viral space, the picture has actually been circulating around the internet since 2010. The photograph, taken in 1941, is of a group of people present for the opening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada. Prominently center in the group of onlookers is a strangely out-of-place man wearing a t-shirt, hoodie, wrap-around glasses, and holding what looks like a small digital camera…in 1941.

The Movie: A hipster travels through time just to tell people that the previous decade was far cooler than theirs. One day, he runs into another time traveler and decides to stop because time traveling is getting to commercial.




The Legend:

These mother fucking spider-crabs!

The Movie: Write your own movie. If these spider-crabs exist, I’m out of here.