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THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Wants Your Vote! Watch the New Debate Night TV Spot

Do you need a little incentive to get to your local polling site for this year’s presidential primaries? Tired of choosing the lesser of two (or more) evils? Why not pull the lever for the ultimate evil?

The people pulling the strings behind Purge Night are here to help… and what better time to roll out a new TV spot for the next installment in the PURGE franchise than during tonight’s GOP debate on CNN?


In case you missed our earlier coverage of PURGE: ELECTION YEAR, the third chapter in the series takes the terror to the next level by targeting a presidential candidate whose main mission is to end Purge Night — an annual twelve-hour period of government-approved anarchy in which nothing is illegal. As previously revealed in the shocking trailer, which first aired during this year’s Super Bowl, the mayhem also includes assassination attempts on elected officials.

The new 30-second TV spot, which Universal premiered at the beginning of the debate, is stealthily disguised as a sincere-looking campaign ad — undoubtedly generating some strong reactions of its own, if the subsequent social media response is any indication. See for yourself!

PURGE: ELECTION YEAR premieres on July 1 — just in time for July 4th Weekend. Stay tuned for more updates soon!