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Check Out This Amazing Artwork from Larry Fessenden’s Wendigo Book SUDDEN STORM!

Fans of independent horror should know the name of Larry Fessenden for his indelible contributions to the genre — from his personal feature debut HABIT, to his roles (on both sides of the camera) in productions by other talented filmmakers (most recently his unforgettable performance in Ted Geoghegan’s WE ARE STILL HERE), to his production company Glass Eye Pix, which has thrived for over thirty years.

There’s a strong subtext to much of Fessenden’s original work, but more than once he’s sought inspiration in the Algonquin tribal legend of the Wendigo — a demonic nature spirit with the power to control the elements and even possess human beings, infecting them with an insatiable urge to consume the flesh of others… even their loved ones.

Larry’s explored this mythical menace in several different works, beginning with his 2001 feature WENDIGO (which included a 2002 tie-in comic book), continuing in his chilling “Skin and Bones” episode of NBC TV series FEAR ITSELF (by far the scariest of the series), and hinted at throughout much of his creative output.


Now you can add another high mark to the Wendigo canon: this month, Fiddleblack Press has published Sudden Storm: A Wendigo Reader — a collection of essays curated by Fessenden and devoted entirely to this mythical monster.

Image Credit: Trevor Denham
Image Credit: Trevor Denham

As can see here, the book also features many jaw-dropping illustrations, featuring original art by well-known genre artists like Gary Pullin (at top), Graham Humphreys, Isabel Samaras, Trevor Denham (above) and many more… as well as drawings by Fessenden himself.

I’ll be back soon with a full overview of the book, which I’ve been ravenously consuming (pardon the pun) this week… but if you can’t wait, you can pick up a copy now via Amazon.