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Coming This Summer, It’s THE RING VS THE GRUDGE!

What started out as a fan-made teaser trailer for a hypothetical mash-up between the Japanese horror franchises THE RING (RINGU) and THE GRUDGE (JU-ON) has taken on a life of its own! Based on the over-enthusiastic response to that fan trailer, it convinced Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan to produce a proper THE RING VS THE GRUDGE movie, or more accurately SADAKO VS KAYAKO. Seriously! Check out the trailer below!

The question now is… how exactly are these two going to… well, fight?

Doesn’t matter! I’m already in!

Directed by Kōji Shiraishi and starring Mizuki Yamamoto (GHOST HUNT), SADAKO VS KAYAKO arrives in theaters in Japan on June 18th. Here’s hoping the original, superior Japanese versions of the RINGU and JU-ON franchises will finally come to Blu-Ray here in the US.