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10 Franchises We’d Love To See As Comic Books

Growing up, my two greatest loves were horror movies and comic books. So when Marvel very briefly flirted with doing a series based on A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, it was nirvana for me! (Read all about it here.) Although cancelled after 2 issues, other comic companies in the early 90’s picked up the mantle and were offering a diverse batch of original horror stories in comic book form.

Innovation Comics had books based on PSYCHO, CHILD’S PLAY, DARK SHADOWS, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, QUANTUM LEAP, LOST IN SPACE and many, many more. For a brief period, Topps Comics produced a JASON GOES TO HELL adaptation, as well as a JASON VS LEATHERFACE mash-up! And even Full Moon were producing comic book versions of their PUPPET MASTER and SUBSPECIES series.

In the last decade, horror franchise comic books are common place. You can find EVIL DEAD’s Ash battling either Freddy or Jason or RE-ANIMATOR’s Herbert West or even Marvel Zombies! But there are other franchises that’d be ripe for comic book storytelling. Here’s 10 franchises we’d love to see get their own comic book adaptations.