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Reactions to THE X-FILES Miniseries Finale: “My Struggle, Part II”

In continuing with the season premiere, tonight’s finale gives us (some) of the conclusion to the insane, global conspiracy that Mulder and Tad O’Malley were obsessing over. It turns out that the entire population isn’t infected with alien DNA; only a chosen few are. Scully is one of them, and that alien DNA is what will protect people from succumbing to a virus that destroys people’s immune system, killing them all quickly in an extinction-level event.

What. The. Fuck.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Image Credit: FOX
Image Credit: FOX

The Conspiracy

I have no problems with THE X-FILES delving into massive, apocalyptic conspiracies. They are not my favorite episodes, but if anyone is going to do them, it should be Chris Carter and company. But a six-episode “event series” is not the place to do it. We are introduced to the conspiracy in an insane premiere episode, we have four episodes that don’t even touch upon the conspiracy, then wrap it up with an episode that sees the conspiracy reach its apex. This storyline needed at least a 12-episode season to do it justice, with a bunch of episodes that deal with the conspiracy, a few others that just have hints about the conspiracy, then culminating with the end of the world. It went from zero to a billion way too fast.

The Ending

That was just not fair. That is the kind of ending you have at the end of a season; not the end of a mini-series when you don’t know if there will ever be any more episodes. I know, everyone says they are open to more episodes, but who knows if or when that will ever happen? So now we are left with an ending that left more questions and offered no answers.

The Ship

I am assuming the space ship that was hovering above Scully was the ship that would take all the “chosen elites” to wherever it is that they are hunkering down until the general population is killed. I guess that Sveta was abducted, not killed, in the first episode. So what happens up there? What happens next? Do they repopulate? Go to a new planet?


For the love of all that is good and pure, what the hell happened to William? We spent a lot of this season talking about him, then in the finale, we get one throwaway line about him and that is it. Was William already aboard the ship? I like to think he was, and that he made the ship come out of hiding, appearing in a large crowd, so that William can stop and save his dad.

Image Credit: FOX
Image Credit: FOX


I am very concerned that anti-vaccine advocates will use this episode as propaganda, or take new ideas from it. Last week, X-FILES bought into Islamophobia, with very little counter. This week, the entire plot is that the smallpox vaccine was used to disseminate a “germ” that will destroy your immune system in a timed, extinction-level event. Anti-vaxxers are already pretty crazy, and are responsible (at least in California) for a huge uptick in communicable diseases that were once essentially eradicated in the United States. The least crazy end of the anti-vaxxers movement (and of course, “least crazy” is a sliding scale) believes that vaccines cause autism; at the crazier end of the spectrum, people already believe the government is infecting people with… something.

Image Credit: FOX
Image Credit: FOX

A Few Other Thoughts…

What happened to Daggoo, Scully’s stolen/adopted puppy? Does he get to join her on whatever the next leg of her journey is?

Are Scully and Mulder back together? Clearly they aren’t living together, but for my own sanity, I have to believe they are back together.

I am very worried about Mulder’s mental health. He seemed to succumb faster than most people to the contagion. Does that have anything to do with Mulder’s unspoken (and, possibly, only in my head) health problems?

I feel like there is more to the Reyes/Cigarette Smoking Man story. All he wanted was someone to give him cigarettes and he gave her the “cure?” There has to be more to it.

There were two doctors credited as writers on this episode, along with Chris Carter. What is that about?

What the hell are you doing to me, Chris Carter?