The 13th Floor

Massive Attack’s New Video is a Chilling Salute to PHANTASM and POSSESSION

Beloved horror icon Angus Scrimm may no longer be with us, but we think his iconic PHANTASM villain The Tall Man would cackle with demonic glee at the music video for “Voodoo in My Blood” — an epic team-up of UK trip-hop legends Massive Attack and Scottish rap trio Young Fathers from the new EP Ritual Spirit.

The scenario is simple — actress Rosamund Pike (GONE GIRL) descends into a subway tunnel where she is menaced by a hovering metal sphere, which employs various evil-looking implements to take control of her mind and body, tossing her around like a rag doll.


The short film, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, is also reminiscent of a scene from the 1981 art-horror classic POSSESSION — directed by the masterful Andrzej Zulawski, who, sadly, also passed away recently — in which Isabelle Adjani suffers an apocalyptic seizure in a similar metro station.

Press play, crank it up and be sure to raise a glass to two immortal icons of horror!