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5 Horror Movies That Really Deserve A Prequel

Sure, horror thrives on mystery. To offer too much backstory is to demystify and thus defang our greatest monsters. But sometimes an origin story can shed new light on a previous film, cleverly elaborate on an otherwise impenetrable plot point, or simply breathe new life into a fading franchise. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, for instance, jumped back in time 20 or so years to show the first two films’ protagonists as children. Doing so not only gives us a fun taste of throwback technology, but also the backstory needed to help flesh out the franchise’s mythology. Most fans consider it the pinnacle of the series.

Other strong prequels include the latest INSIDIOUS, which gave virtuoso character actress Lin Shaye a starring role and FINAL DESTINATION 5, a bloody good throwback that revitalized that series in a way nobody expected. Of course, there are plenty of bad ones too, so many that to name them would engulf this entire piece. That’s not why we’re here, however. We’re here because we’re interested in the films that could be. So as a companion to our piece on 5 Horror Movies That Really Deserve a Sequel, we’ve decided to share five horror movies that very well might benefit from their own prequel.