The 13th Floor

HE DIES AT THE END… But You’re Still In for a Shock!

Here’s a sinister short from the vaults that made the festival rounds since its premiere in 2008, playing London’s Film4 Frightfest, L.A.’s Screamfest, New York City’s Horror Film Festival and the San Sebastien Horror & Fantasy Film Festival — winning accolades for Irish filmmaker Damian Mc Carthy, including “Best Horror/Thriller” in the Indie Short Film Competition and “Best Dramatic Horror Short” in the 2009 Tabloid Witch Awards.


At first glance, HE DIES AT THE END (not to be confused with Don Coscarelli’s horror-comedy feature JOHN DIES AT THE END) seems to have spoiled its own surprise before you even press play… but it’s getting to that surprise that really counts. The premise is equally straightforward: a man working late in his office is suddenly asked by his computer if he’d like to know exactly how he’s going to die.

Maybe it’s his curiosity that leads him to an inevitable fate, or perhaps he might have been able to alter the outcome… but once it gets started, chances are you’ll find yourself on the same slippery slope toward doom.

If you like this one, be sure to visit Mc Carthy’s official site for more creepy cinematic goodness, including updates on his as-yet-untitled first horror feature currently in preproduction, and another award-winning horror short, HOW OLIN LOST HIS EYE.