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Five Memorable Things About THE WALKING DEAD, Episode 610: “The Next World”

Daryl and Rick go out on a supply run, and while they have success, they meet Jesus, another survivor who wants their supplies. It is hard to get a read on Jesus. He did try to steal the supplies from Daryl and Rick, but he doesn’t use violence. Elsewhere, Spencer goes out on a personal mission, and Rick and Michonne finally sleep together.

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Michonne and Rick

Well, that happened. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them getting together, but it seems like a good fit. They have good chemistry, and the kids like her. I like Michonne a hell of a lot more than Jessie. They were already living together. I’m not sure how I feel about the opening scene, with Michonne in her robe. Their relationship was obviously platonic at that point, but it was almost like the producers were trying to trick the audience into thinking they were sleeping together. Was that to surprise viewers when they hook up at the end? Confuse them? I don’t know. All I know is, I heard Chris Hardwick call them “Richonne” on TALKING DEAD and I refuse to call them that. Hate it.


Welcome Jesus to the show. Jesus is an important character in the comic books, so it is nice to see him. It’s a good representation of him, too. In the comics, Jesus starts out as one of those characters who you are not sure if you can trust, but he turns out to be a good friend and ally to Rick. I really got that feeling from Tom Payne, who plays Jesus. He doesn’t feel like he is quite a threat, but not someone to be trusted, either. I really liked that Daryl didn’t want to invite Jesus back to Alexandria because “his name is Jesus.”


That was a beautiful scene with Michonne and Spencer, where they say their final goodbyes to the zombified Deanna. Sweet, solemn, without being treacly. I still don’t quite trust Spencer, but maybe this will help him get his head in the game. I also loved when Carl explained to Michonne that Deanna should be killed by someone who loved her, which is something that Carl would do for Michonne. I love the fact that, in this new world, promising to kill someone is the truest form of love.

Image Credit: AMC
Image Credit: AMC


My favorite scene tonight was when Rick and Daryl had Jesus on the ground, their guns pointed at him, and he doesn’t believe they have any ammo. A walker stumbles out of the forest and, without missing a beat, the men turn their guns on the zombie and fire in unison. We really haven’t seen Rick and Daryl “team up” in a while, and they have a good rapport.

Keeping It Simple

I like that they kept it simple in tonight’s episode. We saw Rick and Daryl’s story, and we saw Michonne and Spencer, and how it intertwined with Carl’s story. It felt very well structured, and we didn’t have a bunch of other storylines jammed in there. Denise’s request for soda ended up being an important story point, too. I did not understand the scene between Enid and Maggie. It was short and pointless: Enid has been disappearing. What was the point of Maggie showing up for all of 45 seconds of screen time? It really felt awkward, and she didn’t have any other purpose in this episode. We didn’t see Carol or Glenn or Gabriel or Abraham or Rosita, and I don’t feel we were missing anything for not seeing those characters. So why throw Maggie in?