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Watch This Road-Raging Maniac Drive Straight Into a Tornado

You’ve seen it happen every day: an extremely high-strung person behind the wheel just has to get where they’re going, pronto — no matter the possible cost to life and limb (including that of their fellow drivers). But I’ll wager you’ve never witnessed a road-rage scenario quite like this one.

Barreling down a street in Pompano Beach, Florida on a stormy evening, Anthony Ciarrocchi managed to record an absolutely horrifying brush with death via dash-cam, as he blasts his horn and screams insults at various less-aggressive drivers in the thick of a massive thunderstorm… not realizing that he was driving directly into the path of an oncoming tornado.

Ciarrocchi uploaded the footage to YouTube and Facebook, where it sparked a storm of its own, with dozens of comments blasting the driver for his carelessness in the face of extremely dangerous weather conditions. He has stubbornly defended his position, and continues to criticize the other drivers, who were wisely hesitant to continue toward the lethal danger. He didn’t quite see it that way, however.

“When I realize[d] what was happening it was on top of me and it was time to go,” he commented, “and not stare at it. MY honking woke people out of their shock… So maybe I saved them, snapped them back to reality… Maybe… NOT.”

A man claiming to be a professional storm-chaser called it “mind-boggling,” lamenting that “people spend years and thousands of dollars to intercept a tornado in the name of science… Then there are guys like this who put their life in danger for a bit of a giggle.”

You might giggle a bit yourself, listening to this guy become increasingly unhinged as he tries to dodge other terrified drivers… until he finally realizes exactly what it is they’re afraid of, and things get nasty fast.