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This Creepy Tweet from Spain Reveals a Yeti-Like Monster

As wacko as this whole story sounds, it’s definitely struck a chord out there: it all started with a tweet attributed to the Spanish site ForoCoches (a forum devoted to cars, not monsters), which contained a strange photo allegedly taken on the slopes of the Pyrenees: the image seems to depict a gigantic, ape-like creature, covered with snowy-white fur and walking upright away from the camera.

Image Credit: via Twitter
Image Credit: ForoCoches via Twitter

The tweet’s caption translates as: “Strange animal spotted in Formigal. What the hell is this?”

The viral explosion that followed that post (it’s been covered by everyone from the Daily Mirror to TMZ) was massive enough to cause the owners of nearby ski lodges and resorts to issue assurances to visiting skiiers that there were no actual confirmed Yeti sightings in the area. Nevertheless, the site where the picture was supposedly snapped (in northeastern Spain) was reportedly searched thoroughly, just to make sure.

As the image has been shared half a gazillion times, understandably quite a few theories about its contents have circulated the web as well — everything from an albino gorilla (there actually used to be one at the Barcelona Zoo… seriously), to a white bear, to a soldier in furry snow camouflage… but of course, the simplest explanations probably fall closer to the classic guy-in-a-suit, or just a clever Photoshop job.