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Massive Sea Monster Washes Up On Australian Beach

Yes, we have yet another tale of real-life horrors creeping, slithering and swimming about in and around Australia, further confirming the country as our go-to source for nature’s biggest wide-awake nightmares. (Just yesterday, we reported on a bizarre Outback confrontation between a giant spider and a deadly snake… hit the link to find out who came out on top of that one.)

Now, we’ve come across a grotesque image that’s been freaking out a good chunk of the interwebs this week: a giant, toothy, silver-scaled sea creature, which allegedly washed ashore on the bank of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales.

The image above, which was posted to Facebook by Ethan Tippa, accompanied by the blunt caption: “This is at swansea boat ramp. What the fuck is it ?”

Obviously, half the internet weighed in with their opinions on the photo; some dismissed it as a photoshopped image, others said it was some kind of mutant eel or prehistoric reptile… and quite a few said they’d never, ever swim in Australian waters again.

But the correct evaluation most likely comes from the experts, who have identified the monstrosity as a species of pike eel (Muraenesox bagio), which is indeed native to the waters off the eastern coast of Australia, and specimens have been found measuring up to six feet in length.

But since they are largely nocturnal predators, and tend to inhabit extreme depths, very few people have seen them this close… and certainly not one this enormous.