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A Quick Look Back at Monty Python’s Hilariously Gory Sketch SALAD DAYS

Years ago, I was interviewing the band GWAR and asked them what some of their prime influences were that led to the group’s distinctive mix of comedy and over-the-top gore. Amongst several horror movies, one response stood out- “Monty Python’s SALAD DAYS!” They all nodded in agreement and went on to discuss how this single sketch had a heavy hand in shaping their love of blending blood-splatter and comedy.

Though I had been a peripheral Python fan having seen the major movies, I had never seen this sketch. I went home and immediately watched it…and watched it again…and again. It was just plain brilliant. It was easy to see how this simple short had gone on not only to influence the intergalactic overloads of GWAR, but also countless other horror filmmakers, meshing together the high-art of theatrical productions with the heavy violence and gore that was popular in the cinema during the time (they even reference ultra-violent director Sam Peckinpah in the segment).

The short has stuck with me since then, and I love sharing it with fellow horror fans so they too can enjoy some gory “splatstick” roots.

So I present, from 1972, MONTY PYTHON’S SALAD DAYS-