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Blood in the Forecast: Horror Movie Snow Globes!

Snow globes are undoubtedly more synonymous with Christmastime, grandma’s house, and cheerful tidings than they are horror movies, so you probably wouldn’t expect those two very different things to come together all that often – if ever. But sometimes, wonderful and magical things happen out there in the world. And horror movie snow globes, you might be surprised to learn, aren’t all that uncommon.

As my hometown in New York recovers from yet another blizzard, now seems like the perfect time to sit by the fire and reminiscence about those horror-themed snow globes we’ve been provided with over the years. I’m all about unique movie collectibles, and they don’t get much more unique than these!

Freddy and Jason
NECA is mostly known for their articulated action figures, but back in 2003 they stepped a bit outside the box for these two “Horror Globes.” Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were the only slasher villains to be given the snow globe treatment by the company, and they’ve both become quite rare and valuable in recent years. While Freddy looms over a terrified Nancy Thompson, Jason stands poised and ready to slice up an attractive female camper with his trusty machete. The ELM STREET snow globe depicts Freddy as he was in the original film (note the solid red sleeves), while the FRIDAY THE 13TH one is based on the much-maligned sequel JASON GOES TO HELL.

Given the fact that the movie takes place around Christmastime, GREMLINS was a natural fit to make the leap into the world of snow globes, and we also have NECA to thank for this one. Standing atop a base made to look like the box he originally came in, Gizmo is trapped inside his very own winter wonderland, so you won’t have to worry about him getting out after midnight and grabbing a bite from the fridge. Then again, if water makes him multiply, then shouldn’t snow have the same effect? Uh oh.

Back in 1998, John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN was celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Anchor Bay got in on the festivities by releasing a VHS set in tribute to Michael’s birthday. In addition to the VHS tape itself, the set was highlighted by a limited edition, numbered snow globe that featured flecks of “blood” rather than “snow,” and it was based on the scene in the original classic wherein Michael and Laurie fight in the living room. What’s most special about this one is that it’s the only HALLOWEEN collectible, to date, that actually depicts Laurie Strode. You’ll have to pay somewhere in the ball park of $100 to grab one of these sets now, nearly 20 years after they were released.

A few different companies have released Universal Monsters snow globes over the years, so if you’re a fan of those iconic monsters, be sure to poke around eBay. The one seen above was put out by Hamilton Gifts back in 1991, and you’ll notice that it’s described as a “Waterball,” rather than a snow globe. Inside the water, fittingly, is the titular CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, and these can pretty commonly be found for around $30 or $40. Certainly a must-own for all Creature fanatics.

Amityville Horror
Likely due to the fact that it’s based on a very horrifying true story, the AMITYVILLE HORROR franchise hasn’t spawned all that much merchandise over the years – and the stuff that’s out there is mostly fan-made. When the remake hit theaters back in 2005, however, a limited number of snow globes were whipped up for the premiere, and from what I gather, they were handed out as part of a special trivia game. Inside the globe was the iconic Amityville house, which lit up from within, and like many horror snow globes, the snow was dyed red to look like blood. A controversial collectible, to say the very least.

Released in 1996 and 1997, both SCREAM and SCREAM 2 got their very own promotional “blood globes,” and you’d be hard-pressed to come across either of these in the present. The original movie’s globe featured a full figure of Ghostface, wielding a knife, while the sequel’s globe depicted only the iconic mask that many killers wore throughout the series. SCREAM 3 and SCREAM 4, as far as I’m aware, did not continue the snow globe tradition. And that makes me sad.

One of the most unique horror movie snow globes came courtesy of a partnership between THE MIST and Blockbuster Video, handed out as a tie-in with the home video release of the 2007 film. I’m not sure of the specifics, but I know that certain Blockbuster stores got them in, and they were not available anywhere else. This gnarly globe features an eight-legged monster and a human victim wrapped up in a cocoon, and rather than snow or even blood, tiny spiders were contained inside the liquid. Yea. Gross.

Grudge 2
While most movie tie-snow globes are either sold in stores or exclusively handed out as promotional items, THE GRUDGE 2 – for whatever reason – was honored with a globe so special that it was almost impossible for anyone not involved in the production to get their hands on. A limited number of these globes were given only to top executives at Sony at the time of the sequel’s 2006 release, and lower-level employees were apparently given the opportunity to purchase them. Inside the globe is a book with a creepy eyeball poking out of it, and take note of the ornate base that depicts the iconic Columbia Pictures logo. Good luck tracking down one of these.

Do you know of any other horror movie snow globes? Let us know!