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Get Your Heart Ripped Out for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday. I am not romantic; I don’t need cheap stuffed bears and overpriced candy. I much prefer the bloody, visceral, literal image of a heart over a red cut-out. Especially if that heart is being ripped out of a human chest.

When I first set out to write this list, I figured it would be like “the five best scenes that aren’t TEMPLE OF DOOM.” But it turns out, hearts being ripped out of chests is a far more popular form of movie-murder than I ever realized. Multiple iterations of FRIDAY THE 13TH, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, DR. GIGGLES, THE EXORCIST 2, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, BLOOD FEAST, BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, BURIED ALIVE, BOOGEYMAN 2, MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, and at least one LEPRECHAUN movie have all delighted in ripping heart from chest – and that’s just a tiny sampling from the horror genre.

So I narrowed down my search to my favorite medium: TELEVISION.


Shut up. The first four seasons of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES were a bloody violent affair, as has been all of THE ORIGINALS (so far). The preferred form of violence amongst vampires is heart-ripping-out, so there are at least a dozen instances of this particular form of murder amongst the two shows. I think THE ORIGINALS has done it at least once in every episode this season. One particular favorite was in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode “Ordinary People.” As a form of torture, one character reaches into a vampire’s chest and holds his heart, squeezing it and twisting it, threatening to pull it out if he doesn’t talk. The heart stays in the chest, but the idea is brutal.


In the episode “A Golden Crown,” Daenerys has to eat a heart as part of the Dothraki pregnancy ritual. Sure, it is a horse’s heart, but the scene is intense as we remain focused on Daenerys, who must eat the entire, raw heart, and not vomit it up. She succeeds.

Watch it right here!


Season four was a particularly terrible season of TRUE BLOOD (which is saying a lot) but this scene, where Eric rips out a heart and sucks on it just to scare the local witch, is a gory reminder that this show can, on occasion, be worthwhile.

Watch it right here!


“You have to have heart to write the Freddy Krueger story,” our favorite child killer tells his victim. Of course, by the time Freddy is done with him, he won’t have a heart.


It’s not horror, but I have a weakness for anything THE SIMPSONS-related. Bart learns about heartbreak the hard way in this nightmare sequence from “New Kid on the Block.”