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Oof! 5 Horrifying Movie Deaths While On The Toilet

Well… They say, when ya gotta go, you’ve got to go.

But if you have to go, does it have to be while on the toilet?!

Sadly for some movie victims, they don’t have a choice. I can think of no worse fate than having to expire while in the middle of peeing or pooping. The only question then is how? Eaten rear end first by a Ghoulie? Slashed to death by a mama’s boy? Melting into a colorful pile of goo? The bees! Oh God, no! Not the bees!

There’s no pleasant way around this. Let’s look at the 5 most horrific deaths on the bowl!

And because I know you’re probably humming Demon’s “Ooo Baby” melody right about now, I’ll leave you with that video clip! Next time you’re on the toilet, beware!