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Did Chicago Police Really Find a “Satanic Dungeon” Beneath Chuck E. Cheese?

It seems the interwebs have suddenly gone apeshit with rumors and theories about this horrifying headline that posted recently:


The story was quickly picked up by TMZ, who reposted it in its entirety — including information about the skeletal remains of four missing teenagers who were reportedly found in a ceremonial chamber beneath a Chicago franchise of the popular family restaurant. They reported that the owner, 68-year-old Melvin Wallace, was charged, along with an unidentified woman, in the murders of the missing teens, whose decomposed bodies were found among satanic paraphernalia and markings.

Too terrifying to be true? As it turns out, yes.

Image Credit: Now8News
Image Credit: Now8News

You see, what TMZ failed to mention was that the original article was complete bullshit.

Now8News, a site which launched last year and has since become infamous for sharing click-gobbling fake news stories on social media, ran the bogus article on February 4.

According to myth-debunking site (and easily corroborated with a reverse image search), the featured image of the Chuck E. Cheese franchise was taken from an earlier (unrelated) news report, the image of the man they call “Melvin Wallace” is actually the mugshot of a perp arrested over 15 years ago, and the image of the pentagram and candles is a staged stock photo.

As much as we love to be scared, it’s a relief to know that nightmarish stories like this one are totally made up… after all, the real world is scary enough as it is.