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7 Great Zombie Movies Without Zombies

No horror movie scenario is more ubiquitous these days than George Romero’s zombie apocalypse.  While most horror fans know that Romero didn’t conceive his living dead as “zombies”—zombies, to him, were the voodoo slaves of Bela Lugosi in poverty row quickies like WHITE ZOMBIE and KING OF THE ZOMBIES—fewer realize that the filmmaker doesn’t believe his famous monsters are even a necessary component of his zombie films.  In the 2009 documentary NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE, Romero explained: “The zombies, to me, could be any natural disaster.  They could be anything.  My stories are about the people that deal with it, don’t deal with it, deal with it improperly, deal with it stupidly.  The stories are about how people screw up.”

With that in mind, here are seven films that capture the horror of Romero’s Living Dead films… without zombies: