The 13th Floor

Watch the First Four Minutes of THE WALKING DEAD’s Mid-Season Premiere!

Just a few days left until the best Valentine’s Day present: new episodes of THE WALKING DEAD. The second half of season six promises to introduce fan favorite villain, Negan (to be played by SUPERNATURAL’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and his band of malicious men, the Saviors.

When we last left THE WALKING DEAD, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were accosted by a group of Saviors, looking to collect Negan’s cut. In these first four minutes of episode 609, the tension is ratcheted up as the Saviors steal our heroes’ weapons, searches their truck, and threatens to kill them. Your average Tuesday in THE WALKING DEAD land.

In addition to the four-minute exclusive preview (which you can watch at this link), THE WALKING DEAD has teamed up with Hallmark to release four exclusive Valentine eCards — featuring walkers who “love you to pieces” and could just “eat you up.”