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Watch a Man Tease This Horrifying Giant Spider… Until it Attacks Him

There’s a fine line between fearlessness and just plain insanity, and I’m pretty sure the guy in this video just crossed it.

His name is Adrian Kozakiewicz; he hails from Germany, and breeds a wide variety of exotic insects and arachnids… including this enormous monstrosity called Euphrynichus amanica, also known as the “whip spider” after its strange whip-like front appendages. The tropical arachnid, from the order Amblypygi, can grow to enormous size — we’re talking leg spans of up to two feet.

Kozakiewicz recently uploaded a horrifying clip of the humongous, leggy beast to his YouTube channel InsectHausTV, which has quickly gained worldwide attention — not just because this particular creature is so damn alien-looking, but also because of what he does with it.

Image Credit: InsectHausTV via YouTube
Image Credit: InsectHausTV via YouTube

In the opening seconds, as Adrian playfully pokes at the spindly arthropod, I was certain it was some sort of puppet or digitally-animated creation — like the CGI version seen in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, which creepily ends up on Ron Weasley’s face.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

But I was finally convinced when Kozakiewicz scooped it up with his hands… and that’s exactly when it bit him.

Watch if you dare… and arachnophobes beware:

I’m not worried about Adrian’s safety — Euphrynichus amanica possesses no venom, and doesn’t even technically have fangs — but I’m not 100% sure about his sanity.


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