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Could Your Next Date Be A Serial Killer?

According to Randy Meeks from SCREAM, sex equals death when it comes to horror, so it makes perfect sense that a serial killer should be strategically added into the equation at a speed-dating event aimed at those with a taste for the macabre.

This cardinal rule was surely in the back of the mind of Serial Killer Speed Dating creator Abel Horwitz when he conjured up his unique spin on the rather daunting premise of one of the most dreaded forms of romantic culture.

After witnessing a very successful themed speed-dating event at a STAR WARS celebration, Horwitz dreamed up the premise for his horror-themed spin on the ritual, which debuted at ScareLA last August.


Horwitz told Blumhouse, “A regular speed-date has less intentional serial killers in the room. At least we’re being honest with our advertising,” and indeed they are.

The logistics of the event run like a regular speed-date. You are given five minutes to sit across from a possible soul mate, until word is given to move onto the next potential beau. The twist is that you never know if you’re sitting across from a genuinely interesting person, or a person genuinely interested in turning your skin into a suit.

A common way to break the ice to potential suitors at this event would be to say, “I’m not a serial killer, and here’s why…”

If you think someone’s a serial killer you check “serial killer” next to his or her name. If, at the end of the evening you’re right, you’ll get a prize.

According to Horwitz, it is always heartwarming when he see’s a good match created at his event, but what he gets a kick out of most is something far more sinister “I enjoy the look of shock on peoples faces when someone gets “killed.” Also, it’s pretty funny after someone “dies.” Then we’ve got to deal with dragging a dead body off the floor. The venue is adamant that we don’t get blood anywhere, so usually there are strategically placed tarps lying around… just in case.” 

Murder aside, Horwitz is adamant that face to face dating is the way to go, insisting that online dating takes the human element out of the process, and swiping left or right on a person’s face does not lend itself to actually getting to know someone.

Speed dating is a great way to become acquainted in the flesh, which is important. Plus, someone who’s willing to go out to an event called “Serial Killer Speed Dating” is probably more interesting than the average person, right? At least they have a sense of adventure and humor to it all.

For those who are challenged in the relationship department and are willing to give this unique love service a try, advice from the creators is to, be yourself, dress to impress, and PAY ATTENTION. The serial killers will leave clues in the conversation to their…um…”hobby.” Also, a good tip in general: people like it when you’re interested in what they have to say. Who knows… you might get a date out of it.

If you are up for the challenge of mixing some horror and romance the next event is conveniently timed just before Valentines Day on Wednesday, February 10th from 8-10pm at BarFoodLA, 12217 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tickets are $20 online right here. Enter code “Valentine” for $5 off.
$10 minimum at bar (so buy a drink!)


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