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Five Curious Things About X-FILES: Episode 3 — “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

For those who have been a little “meh” about THE X-FILES’ return, this episode should restore your faith. It is loaded with humor, weirdness, and geeky guest stars (Rhys Darby). Plus there are a lot of in-jokes for long time X-philes. Mulder is starting to lose his belief in monsters, but luckily a new case might just change all of that.


Scully makes vague mention of Queequeg when at the animal shelter. Queequeg was her little Pomeranian pup that she adopted during “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.” He met an untimely end a few episodes later, when Scully took him with her on a case, he got loose, and was eaten by an alligator. The name Queequeg comes from Moby Dick, one of the harpooneers in the novel, which keeps with the Moby Dick naming theme in the Scully family (she called her dad Ahab; he called her Starbuck).

The dog that Scully adopts/steals was named “Daggoo” by Guy Mann. Daggoo was another harpooneer in Moby Dick. I can already see where this is going: Scully is going to introduce the pup to Mulder and give him the name Daggoo, to keep with the naming theme, and it is going to give Mulder a double-take.


The Cemetery

Most fans will recognize the tombstone that Mulder pays his respects to: Kim Manners was a producer on THE X-FILES who directed over 50 episodes of the series. He died in 2009 of lung cancer. The tombstone that Guy Mann is paying respect to is probably a little less familiar. Jack Hardy was First Assistant Director on 2008’s THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE. He was also First A.D. on X-FILES spin-off THE LONE GUNMEN and another Chris Carter-created series, MILLENNIUM. Hardy died a few years ago, though I couldn’t find an exact date or cause.


In the first episode, I suggested that Mulder might finally be diagnosed as manic depressive. In tonight’s episode, Scully early on asks if Mulder has been taking his meds, and later on, the ridiculous psychiatrist offers Mulder a prescription — one that Mulder declines. I think that Scully’s question was just facetious, and frankly, I wouldn’t take a prescription from that quack, either. Still, it does add to the conversation.

Scully the Porn Star

Actress Gillian Anderson has previously said she preferred the comedic episodes, where Scully gets to “let loose.” She certainly did in tonight’s episode, as Guy Mann describes the porn-inspired scene in which Scully goes into the phone store and immediately rips open her top, takes Guy Mann into the back room, and boinks his lizard brain out. It is over-the-top, and so out of character that it makes it infinitely funnier.



In tonight’s episode, the motel manager spies on his customers — namely Mulder, who is asleep in a pair of tiny red briefs. This has to be a throwback to the Season Two episode “Duane Barry,” which features Mulder doing laps in a pool while wearing a teeny tiny red Speedo. It was with this recognition that I realized I just might be a little too obsessed with THE X-FILES.