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MEGADETH Has A New Album Out… And It’s Awesome!

Last Tuesday, MEGADETH dropped their brand new album “Dystopia” out into the world, their 15th full length record! Hard to believe, but true. Founding members Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson are still front and center and while there were brief rumors in early 2015 that former members Nick Menza and Marty Friedman were in talks to return for what could’ve been a RUST IN PEACE-era reunion, instead the two vacant slots were filled by the more than capable LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler and ANGRA guitarist Kiko Loureiro.


I’ll confess, the release date snuck up on me, but I immediately purchased the vinyl upon realizing the error of my ways, queued up the immediate digital download it came with and cranked this sucker loud. And how is it? It’s easily one of their finest & best albums in years! Mustaine produced and engineered the album himself alongside Chris Rakestraw and right off the bat with the opening track “The Threat Is Real, it sounds like vintage Megadeth; chock full of complex and fast, catchy riffs. Once I got to track 2, “Dystopia,” I knew we were off on a solid trajectory. The band have already released 2 music videos to accompany the album, both animated and vibrant with crazy visuals. Check both of them out below. They’re actually the opening two tracks of the album in order.

There are also bonus tracks floating around on various versions of this release. Although I picked up the vinyl/digital package, iTunes (and Best Buy) exclusively are carrying a version with 2 bonus tracks, “Looks Who’s Talking,” and “Last Dying Wish.” Meanwhile on Spotify, “Melt The Ice Away,” a Budgie cover is offered up as a bonus. And the Japanese edition features a track titled “Me Hate You.”

MEGADETH kicks off a new tour in February with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, CHILDREN OF BODOM and HAVOK. Find tour dates on their official website!