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Before You Google Yourself… Read the Horrific Tale of Annora Petrova

Like so many creepypastas, this week’s wide-awake nightmare is truly a product of our times — as it cruelly twists the threads of a person’s real-life identity and her online persona into one horrific, inescapable fate.

An accomplished figure skater from Portland, Oregon, Annora Petrova (or “Annie” to her friends and family) was practically born to skate, training from the age of 10 and winning her first championship at the tender age of 13. Annie’s talent was soon recognized by famed figure-skating trainer Sergei Polukeev, who began coaching her with an eye toward the Olympics.

Image Credit: iStock/technotr
Image Credit: iStock/technotr

This is where most accounts of Petrova’s fate take a bizarre and disturbing turn.

Apparently, on the night before she was slated to compete in Portland’s Ice Crystal Classic skating competition, Petrova decided to input her name into a Google search. The search returned a shocking result: a Wikipedia page dedicated to her life and career had been created, and for some reason indicated her winning the next day’s competition. Assuming her father had created the page to encourage her, she approached him about it… but he denied having anything to do with the entry.

More focused on the competition for the moment, Annie mostly forgot about the page… but she did win, just as it had predicted. When it came time for the next skating event, she remembered the Wiki entry and decided to check it again. It had been updated… and once again, indicated that she would win the next day. Just as before, the prediction proved correct.

Bizarrely, it continued to predict her success, time and time again, as each win brought her closer and closer to the upcoming Sectional Championships.

Then she decided to try something new: with the Sectionals still several months away, she thought she might try editing the Wikipedia page herself, to see if she could influence the outcome.

That’s when the nightmare began.

Not only was she blocked from editing the page, she found that the entry had been modified again… but not like before. This time, the entry said something horrible:

Annora Petrova is a selfish little bitch who is going to get what she deserves.

Shocked at the now-menacing text, Annie began to suspect that the page had been tampered with by her friend Bree — an exceptional skater who was also in line to compete at the Sectionals, and Annie’s closest competition. Annie was afraid to confront Bree with this information, though she did attempt to write her a letter about her concerns. This letter was never sent, however, and was reportedly found later by police. (More on that later.)

The Wiki page continued to predict dire events for Annie — including a career-ending scandal in which she was accused of tampering with Bree’s skates, resulting in a severe injury which forced her rival out of the Sectional Championships. The resulting controversy led to Petrova being banned from further competition.

In an attempt to uncover the identity of the person editing the ominous page, she contacted Wikipedia administrators to report what she considered harassment… but oddly enough, the admins told her that they had no record of any such page — nothing matched that record on their live site, nor was anything like it cached in their editorial history.

As terrified as she had become by this stage, nothing could prepare her for what she read in the next update:

Annora Petrova is a pathetic orphan whose real parents died in a terrible accident.

In a panic, she attempted to contact her parents, but received no reply. A few days later, she was notified that her mother and father were dead.

Shortly after receiving this news, Annie suffered an emotional breakdown, and spent some time recovering in a Swiss hospital. It would be several years before she attempted to return to her life’s pursuit, and eventually she began training again, this time for an open position with a European skating troupe.

That’s when she made the fatal mistake of checking the page one last time…

Annora “Annie” Petrova (born May 5, 1991 — died October 24, 2010) was an American Junior Regionals figure skating winner who died a friendless orphan because she was a greedy little piggy.

This prediction was proven correct when Petrova was found dead in her apartment in Prague, Czech Republic. She was reportedly found by police slumped over her computer keyboard, with one document still open: the letter to her former friend Bree. The final paragraph reads:

There’s only a few minutes to midnight now. All I can do is refresh the page. I’m exhausted, but I can’t stop. I’m afraid to leave the computer until I know what happens next.

To date, no actual Wikipedia entry currently exists for Annora Petrova. Perhaps it never did. But if you do find one someday, be sure to read it carefully, and heed its final warning…

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