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CAVITY COLORS Bringing You New FREDDY KRUEGER Design For Valentine’s Day!

Those fine fiends over at Cavity Colors are at it again! Hot on the heels of their amazing new T-shirt designs for STARRY EYES and the 80’s “slasher” cult classic MADMAN, they’ve got something special for your upcoming Valentine’s Day. Why it’s the man of your dreams, of course!

Featuring brand new Freddy Krueger art by Coki Greenway and Aaron Crawford, the “Man Of Your Dreams” T-shirt is now available directly through Cavity Colors and the shirts are ready to ship now, which means you’ll get them in time for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. I mean, nothing says love like a shirt with Freddy holding a severed head in a chocolate heart box on it, right? That’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard! (Next to proposing while JAWS pops out of the water.)


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