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Vinyl Idolz Deliver Your Favorite Horror Icons In Vinyl Figure Form!

One of the things I love about Instagram is that you can discover some of the greatest artists and designers the web has to offer, especially when it comes to cool, creepy and spooky toys that would either make for ideal gifts or just impressive eye candy to fill in your shelf space with.

Not too long ago, I started following a designer named “Kibooki,” who makes amazing Simpsons-esque versions of famous pop icon characters; everything from Marty McFly to Freddie Mercury to Andy Kaufman. But of course, as a lifelong horror devotee, I can’t help but be thrilled by the various takes on horror icons.

The profile description simply states, These are my designs. I don’t make or sell toys, Funko do that bit. Check their website to see which ‘Vinyl Idolz’ are available. And then it links over to Evil Corp.TV. You can head over to that website and click on the tab up top that says “vinyls” to see just how many elaborate and eclectic figures already exist.

Or you can head straight to the “Vinyl Idolz” section on the Funko website to see which ones are available for sale. It’s mostly figures of the superhero variety that you’ll find there, but it shouldn’t stop you from following @kibookied on Instagram to see even more cool horror inspired toys like the ones below.

02---Aliens 03---David-Pennywise 04---Pinhead-Walken 06---Michael-Shaun

Amazing, right?