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THE CHICKENING: This Psychotic Poultry-Themed SHINING Remix Will Break Your Brain Forever

The clip you’re about to witness is without a doubt the most bug-shit insane five minutes of video you’ll see all week… no, scratch that. All year. ALL YEAR.


THE CHICKENING, a short film by Canadian directing team “Smearballs” — a.k.a. Nick DenBoer and Davy Force — recently annihilated audiences at both TIFF and the Sundance Film Festival, and today the filmmakers have uploaded the complete short to YouTube in all its feather-plucking glory.


With combined backgrounds in comedy filmmaking, music, and digital effects artistry, DenBoer & Force originally conceived THE CHICKENING as the pilot for a comedy series, in which each episode would “remix” an iconic film… and what better place to begin than Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic THE SHINING?


Basically a trailer for a chicken-themed horror epic, THE CHICKENING is loaded with so many visual puns, poop jokes and bizarre Easter eggs (no pun intended), you’ll never be able to spot them all in a single viewing. But you’re gonna want to watch this thing multiple times anyway.

Just try not to laugh yourself into cardiac arrest…


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