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Here Are 10 More Gravestone Symbols Deciphered!

I assure you that I’m not trying to haul out a painfully usual pun, but cemeteries can be cryptic places. As previously explored on the pages of BLUMHOUSE, there are many, many odd symbols and strange icons inscribed in people’s tombstones. If you belong to a secret society, charity organization, oblique religion or the Illuminati, then you too can have a string of weird symbols etched into your own grave marker. This, I think, is a motivation enough to start joining as many organizations and religions as you can. I want my own tombstone to be the source of endless speculation.

You know about the Rotary and the Elks and if you read the first installment of this article, then you also know about The Order of Owls and the Knights of Pythias. But there is so much more, dear friends. So many secretive cadres of hushed people doing goodness knows what in the shadows. Here are ten more symbols, all taken from gravestones explained to the layman.