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6 Korean Films That Will Destroy Your Soul

If you’re a die-hard horror fan, or just an overall genuine movie lover, then you no doubt also share an affinity for the crazy cinema coming out of South Korea these days. Hell, at the peak of the DVD boom, genre fans were lucky to have specialty label Tartan Asia Extreme introducing us to the vibrant, insane movies being produced overseas. It is, after all, the label that gave the films of Park Chan-wook their U.S. home video debut and that includes his classic cult favorite OLDBOY.

While most Korean cinema is not straight forward traditional horror, a lot of horror fans (myself included) are drawn in by the rich storytelling and ultra-violent revenge/vengeance stories often depicted in these films. Here are 6 titles that will not only blow you away, but potentially make you curl up into a little ball in the corner of your room during the end credits. None of these are for the faint of heart, but if you’re into extreme cinema, you’re about to be rewarded.

If you decide to take the quest of any or all of the above 6 titles, we wish you the best of luck! But we also can’t recommend them highly enough!