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FRIGHT-RAGS Teases Upcoming X-FILES Collection!

When it comes to horror apparel, the fine fiends at FRIGHT-RAGS have always got you covered. As die-hard genre fans, themselves, they manage to snag licenses to titles and properties that we’ve always wanted to see in some kind of wearable form. At the moment, they’ve got a collection based upon the 1980 cult classic MOTEL HELL, for example! But earlier this week on their Facebook page, and just in time for the new X-FILES revival which kicks off this Sunday, January 24th, it looks like they’ve got something special in store to kick off next week.

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I want to believe!!! As these teaser ads say, this Monday, January 25th for a brief 48 hour time period, it looks like FRIGHT-RAGS will be offering up some exclusive X-FILES goodies. What exactly? We’ll have to wait until Monday morning to find out for sure!

To make sure you don’t miss the opening of the “X-FILE” below, be sure to bookmark their official website, “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and on Instagram!



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