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Tom Cruise to Star in Universal’s THE MUMMY Reboot

Universal is bringing THE MUMMY back for a franchise reboot. The monster was originally kicked off in 1932 as part of the Universal monster frenzy. This incarnation is rumored to be courting mega-star Tom Cruise for an acting role. No word yet on what role he may be playing, but I’m going to guess it will be the lead. The release date is set for June 2017.

Joining Cruise will be Sofia Boutella of KINGSMAN fame, playing the titular roll of the mummy. Alex Kurtzman, producer of ALIAS, STAR TREK, and STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, will be directing the film with a script by Jon Spaihts. You’ll remember Spaiths as the writer of PROMETHEUS.

The most commonly accepted back-story of THE MUMMY tale is that an Egyptian Priest is accidentally brought back from the dead and launches his wrath upon the Earth. Eventually, the story morphed into many sequels, ample knock-offs, a few Scorpion Kings, some video games, and a roller coaster.

The new MUMMY looks to introduce other classic monsters into the mix in order to create a monster team up, not unlike the Avengers. Not sure if they will be saving the world or scaring the shit out of it.