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The Weirdest FRANKENSTEIN-Inspired Triple Feature You Can Have!

As a full-fledged movie fanatic AND horror appreciator, I’m always looking for the perfect combination of movies to pair up together as a double feature. When you meet a fellow horror lover, often times there will be at least one title that you’ve never heard of (or that they’ve never heard of) and that’s usually the ideal “double bill.” Or sometimes you hunt for various themes and wonder if they’d play together well for a group of people. If you’re really ambitious? You aim for the triple bill.

I love FRANKENSTEIN. Everyone does. It has always had such a rich history cinematically. Ever since the very beginning of filmmaking, everyone has taken their hand at adapting Mary Shelley’s legendary novel, starting with Edison’s 1910 16 minute short film version of FRANKENSTEIN. So since the dawn of filmmaking, people have been compelled to retell this particular story.

You can fill up books probably with tons of examples of films where your lead character has a Doctor Frankenstein complex and is attempting to resurrect the deceased. But I guarantee you, none of them would be as fun as the following three movies that are destined to play together.

If you’re looking for the ultimate and thoroughly entertaining FRANKENSTEIN inspired triple bill, might I suggest queueing up RE-ANIMATOR, followed by FRANKENHOOKER, and closing it out with WEIRD SCIENCE. Am I right?

I have literally seen WEIRD SCIENCE hundreds of times. I’ve watched it at home alone, with groups of friends and on the big screen at revival screenings and every single time, it kills. Paired up with RE-ANIMATOR and FRANKENHOOKER, I think that makes for the most fun and weird FRANKENSTEIN triple bill in history! Enjoy it, fiends!


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