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Close the Beaches! JAWS-Sized Shark Sighted Near Australian Shores

“It’s a twenty-footer,” says awestruck oceanographer Matt Hooper, when the elusive Great White finally reveals itself in one of the most memorable moments from JAWS.

“Twenty-five,” counters crusty shark hunter Quint. “Three tons of him.”

Of course, it’s only a movie, and a shark with those monstrous measurements couldn’t possibly exist in nature… oh, wait. Yes it could. Damn.

Image Credit: Shark Alerts South Austalia via Facebook

The proof came this week, when a Great White just three feet shy of Quint’s cinematic estimate was sighted at Marino Rocks, Australia, a popular diving spot near Adelaide.

The shark’s immense size was enough to prompt a temporary evacuation of all swimmers from the area, and a warning was posted to the Facebook page Shark Alerts South Australia… along with ominous pictures of the monster itself.

Some people initially questioned the shark’s massive proportions, until images were posted showing the shark near the 36-foot craft following it.

Image Credit: Shark Alerts South Austalia via Facebook
Image Credit: Shark Alerts South Austalia via Facebook

“It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen,” said a member of a helicopter crew who snapped the picture shown above. “We put it down as 7 [meters]… the photo really doesn’t do it justice.”

Local patrols set about herding the shark to deeper waters… but it’s not officially confirmed if anyone involved in the operation insisted on “a bigger boat.”


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