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Check Out the Disturbing New Trailer for THE BOY!

If you’re even a little bit creeped out by uncomfortably realistic dolls, dummies or other residents of the so-called “Uncanny Valley,” then you might want to proceed with extreme caution when viewing the just-launched final theatrical trailer for upcoming horror feature THE BOY.

Recently included on our list of The 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2016, the latest horror outing from director William Brent Bell (THE DEVIL INSIDE) involves a young American named Greta (THE WALKING DEAD’s Lauren Cohan), who takes a job as a nanny for an English couple, but is shocked to discover that her charge is not a human boy, but an eerily lifelike doll made in the likeness of the eight-year-old son the couple lost two decades ago. When Greta becomes frustrated and stops treating the doll like a real child, bizarre events begin to occur, leading her to believe “the boy” is alive.

THE BOY hits theaters this Friday. As promised, here’s the new skin-crawling trailer…