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10 Terrific, Lesser-Known Horror Movies Now Available on HULU

Somehow I always forget that HULU has movies. I guess amidst all the latest TV shows and my ongoing excitement with the ability to watch SOUTH PARK or FAMILY GUY episodes any time I want, HULU’s feature films get overlooked. But their movie list deserves a glance! They have beefed up their movie selection across the board, and the horror section currently features a great range of classic horror like the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, as well as many obscure horror gems. collected a list of 10 stellar, lesser-known horror titles that are currently streaming on HULU. Enjoy!


A team of priests must live in a constant state of sin and debauchery to allow them fight demons that attempt to control humanity. This one is a riotous horror comedy directed by genre veteran JT Petty.




Such a great anthology film! A funeral director tells “urban” tales of terror to a group of drug dealers he has trapped.

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SHIVER (2008)

This Spanish horror had a very quiet release back in 2008, a shame considering how great it is. A high school boy with a severe allergy to sunlight and his mother move to a small town. As the townsfolk approach their family with aloofness and a series of violent murders take place, Santi wonders what dark secrets the town may hold.



WAKE WOOD (2010)

One of the first films from the newly revamped Hammer Studios, WAKE WOOD is small but has remarkable style and scares. After a young girl is killed by a savage dog, her parents conjure an ancient magic that allows them to spend 3 days with her after her death.

Eva, Ella & Aidan As LOUISE, ALICE & PATRICK



A quiet, Southern gothic haunted house film with a nice twist. This one features the acting chops of Sarah Snook who wowed the hell out of us last year in PREDESTINATION.




This is a seemingly rather standard college campus slasher, but it stands out for the amazing filmmaking, the care taken with shots and the amazing score. The acting gets a bit rough at times, but there is something really endearing about this giallo-ish film.




Frank Henenlotter’s wonderfully low brow satire on the classic Frankenstein mythos. A medical student tries to recreate his fiancé out of the body parts from New York City hookers.




Two best friends are traveling the world when one is stricken with a strange disease. One friend documents the other’s horrifying condition and progression in this Canadian found footage flick.

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TICKS (1993)

I’ve been preaching the glory of this film with years. It’s a totally cheezy premise but the acting roster is fun (Seth Green, Alfonso Riberio, Clint Howard, and many more). Plus, the effects are done by the KNB team (including Greg Nictero) which means the giant ticks look fucking amazing. Seriously, its fun!



BLOW OUT (1981)

Directed by Brian De Palma, John Travolta plays a movie sound technician currently working on a slasher film. He discovers that he actually recorded the sound of a real murder taking place and is now in extreme danger in this tense thriller.