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5 Magnificently Monstrous Creature Features Now Streaming on Netflix!

Monster fan? You are in luck because Netflix has got some great creature features this week. Whether your into classic monsters from historical legends or contemporary radioactive mutants, has you covered with a list of five top-notch giant monster movies currently available on Netflix Instant.

THE RELIC (1997)

After a colleague travels to South America and sends back a box of mysterious cargo, an anthropologist must fight off a South American god-monster that is on a rampage in a Chicago natural history museum. THE RELIC is a great 90s flick with killer monster effects!


THE HOST (2006)

This incredibly popular South Korean film pits a quirky, dysfunctional family against a giant mutated beast living in the Seoul River. Not only is this a great creature feature, it is absolutely hilarious as well!




This Norwegian film presents a classic monster legend with a modern twist. An archeologist and his team travel to a remote lake to research the true meaning of some historical runes and accidentally awaken an ancient behemoth.




A group of students investigating a series of local bear deaths begin to follow a mysterious hunter. They soon realize he is not actually hunting bears but something far larger.




In this Austrian film, a group of scientists working in the Alps find a melting Glacier that is releasing a strange liquid, previously locked away in ice since prehistoric times. As the liquid begins to make its way into the local eco-system, the wildlife begins mutating into prehistoric proportions.

Bloodglacier1-1600x900-c-default (1)



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