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How Would YOU React To This Terrifying KILLER CLOWN Prank?

Man, oh man. I know there are a lot of people out there that suffer from Coulrophobia, a tremendous fear of clowns. I am thankfully not one of them, but I do fear tall crazy guys in costumes with giant mallets — especially in a shady spot like a parking lot! Those fine fiends over at DM Pranks Productions have pulled off yet another one of their infamous pranks preying on your fear of those colorful entertainers.

You can check them out below as they dress up like clowns and hide out in parking lots waiting for someone to conveniently walk by while they bash in a dummy’s blood-filled head, or as they pour gasoline around some poor soul’s car at the gas station or perhaps as they follow unsuspecting strollers in the park! How would you react to this madness if it suddenly appeared in front of you?!

Find more pranks over on the DM Pranks Productions You Tube page! You can also buy these clown masks and costumes from them as well over on this official site.