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The Art Of Kia Hysjulien

Minneapolis native artist, Kia Hysjulien, has an eye for detail. Her work in creating unique pieces for herself and for her customers really sets her apart from a lot of artists. She’s personable and includes her customers in the process, taking their ideas and turning them into beautifully horrific images. Whether it’s a zombie Jessica Rabbit, a sketch Michael Myers (which I happily own and display in my house – and you can see at the end of this post), or any other piece she tackles, there’s always a very intricate amount of detail in her work. We thought it would be nice to display some of Hysjulien’s work for you readers to enjoy, as we get to know the artist a bit.

BLUMHOUSE: Your style is very unique, how long have you been doing this and what is your background in art?

HYSJULIEN:  Selling my art? Roughly about two years now. However I’ve been honing my craft for as long as I can remember. I think a lot of artists are like that, they can’t recall a time when they weren’t drawing, or sculpting, or creating.  I’ve taken the odd art class in high school, but being almost a decade out now, I’ve never pursued a class-based regimen on my own. Never went to college for art either, although that was the dream at one point. I’m mostly self-taught, and lucky to have my art-gene passed down through the generations, but I like to say that doesn’t discredit the years of trial and error. Talent only takes you so far.

BLUMHOUSE: Out of the many types of pieces you do, what’re the ones that you enjoy doing the most?

HYSJULIEN: I love doing my own original art. There aren’t too many chances to do it since I’ve been so busy fulfilling commissions. I really enjoy putting my own spin on old concepts or adding to existing 3D pieces by sculpting and refurbishing them. Like anyone who enjoys their craft, I always look for challenges. Can I paint smaller? Faster? With more accuracy? If there’s a piece pushing me out of my comfort zone, then it quickly becomes something I greatly enjoy.

BLUMHOUSE: A good amount of your pieces are horror related, are you a big fan of the genre and, if so, what are some of your favorite horror films?

HYSJULIEN: For me, horror has been my life. I was introduced to it at a young age, fell in love after being scared out of my wits, and never looked back. I have two categories in my mind: horror movies that do their job, like my introduction to the genre, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, and hilarious non-sense like WOLF COP, that has you laughing and grossed out all at the same time. But if I had to choose a body of work, I’d say I’m huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro’s movies, from the storytelling to the breathtaking imagery. Definitely someone I look up to, and someone I think has carved out a recognizable level of creativity in an over-saturated world. Something we, as artists, all strive for.

You can purchase Kia Hysjulien’s fine art and commission at her etsy shop The Dabble Studio. Also keep tabs via her Instagram account here