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Kids’ Pool Party Crashed by an Enormous Deadly Spider

A creepy new video shows a group of children reacting in all-out horror when they discover that their afternoon splash in the swimming pool has been interrupted by an unwanted visitor — a gigantic funnel-web spider swimming under the water.

It should come as no surprise that this footage comes from Australia, where most of our truly horrifying spider stories (and don’t forget snakes!) seem to be originating lately. Australians are normally pretty laid-back about the presence of dangerous and often deadly creatures lurking around every corner, but as you can see in the clip, these kids haven’t quite developed that easygoing Down Under attitude in regard to creepy-crawlies like this one:

According to the UK Mirror, the incident took place on January 2 in New South Wales. They report that the traumatized youngsters were unharmed, and their father soon captured the spider alive and turned it over to the zoo, where funnel-web spider venom is collected to produce antidote.

The funnel-web spider’s venom is not always fatal, but it’s still very dangerous; apart from hurting like hell, due to gigantic, dagger-like fangs carrying large quantities of venom, a bite can result in sudden spikes in blood pressure and cardiac aryhthmia, among other cardiovascular symptoms.