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Just Released: All New Trailer for Upcoming Horror Film THE WITCH

THE WITCH was on many of our staff’s “top ten” lists from last year. This incredibly creepy film will finally be releasing to the public on February 19th. And they just released a new trailer!

Set in the 17th century, a devoutly religious family head into the wilderness to create a homestead, but something old and sinister is lurking in the nearby woods. THE WITCH is a breath of fresh air in the horror world- an innovative, original story that is unlike anything else we are seeing in the genre right now.

This folk horror has some downright disturbing moments, and on top of the amazing cast, the film should also win an award for “best goat acting”. Seriously, you can even see notes of it in trailer- that allegedly Satanic goat is going to win an Oscar someday.

All new THE WITCH trailer below: