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The REAL Life Necronomicon: The Bizarre Mystery of the Ancient Voynich Manuscript!

One mysterious text has been plaguing scholars, scientists, and cryptographers for centuries. It’s a 240-page text, although several pages are believed to be missing, that was written in the early 15th century (the date has been carbon-dated and validated many times). The Voynich Manuscript is a strange document written in an undecipherable language and filled with hand drawn images of alien plants and creatures. To this day, no one knows the author nor do they know what any of its strange words or pictures mean.

For several centuries, the book’s history becomes cloudy until 1912 when a bookseller named William Voynich discovered the manuscript. Anxious to have the manuscript deciphered, Voynich enlisted the help of several cryptographers. Although some believed that they were somewhat successful, most scholars still believed the book’s meaning is still a mystery.

Lovecraftian critic and author Colin Wilson was the first to publically link the Voynich Manuscript to the Necronomicon and note the similarities between the rea book and fictional text. In his book THE RETURN OF THE LLOIGOR, Wilson’s protagonist, Professor Paul Lang, acquires a copy of the manuscript. In the story, Wilson discusses a hidden text within the manuscript written in Arabic that is believed to be the actual Necronomicon. Since it is a work of fiction, Wilson is free to make inferences that may or may not be there, however, this fiction does insert another historical figure into a possible source for both texts. That figure is John Dee.

John Dee, was a 16th century mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and occult philosopher as well as an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. John Dee also devoted a great deal of his study to alchemy and divination, he also spent much of his life trying to find a way to communicate with angels and demons. One theory states that Dee was the one who sold the Voynich Manuscript to Rudolph II, he is often cited as the original translator of the Necronomicon. It is believed that John Dee died in 1608, however all records of his death, including his headstone have since gone missing.

The Voynich Manuscript is a mystery that may never be solved. Let’s hope that if it is, it doesn’t unleash the Old Ones.

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