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Giant Venomous Spider Sneaks Aboard New Zealand Flight

When an airliner departing from Australia touched down in New Zealand, airport officials in Auckland discovered an unexpected stowaway: a giant huntsman spider, one of the largest arachnids in the world.

According to a report in Stuff New Zealand, security staffers at Auckland Airport found the huge creature hiding out inside a passenger’s bundled tent, which had been stowed in the cargo hold. New Zealand’s Minstry for Primary Industries then tweeted the below image of the captured stowaway, which was labeled a “biosecurity risk,” as this species could potentially carry harmful diseases into the country.


The huntsman spider is also common to New Zealand, but the Australian variety can grow considerably larger — in some cases, up to 12 inches.

Australia’s spiders must be a lot bolder, because this isn’t the first hitchhiking arachnid we’ve reported lately… check out our story about a humongous Outback orb-weaver spider who climbed aboard a photographer’s hat!