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David Bowie Unveils the Next Haunting BLACKSTAR Video: “Lazarus”

Legendary artist David Bowie never fails to surprise even his most devoted fans with a constantly evolving musical output and bold career moves. After a lengthy period of silence, he resurfaced two years ago with the stunning album The Next Day, and when the time was right, he returned to the studio with long-time collaborator Tony Visconti to craft surreal, experimental and genre-bending new material for his latest record BLACKSTAR, which hits stores tomorrow — just in time for Bowie’s 69th Birthday.

To mark the occasion, Bowie and director Johan Renck (BREAKING BAD) unveiled a haunting new music video for the track “Lazarus,” a sequel of sorts, which continues the visual themes of Renck’s incredible 10-minute short film for the title track (if you missed that, be sure to check it out here).

While visually more subdued than its ambitious predecessor, “Lazarus” is no less chilling, with Bowie portraying the same eye-bandaged character… but instead of soaring to strange planets and across fields of zombie scarecrows, his journey here is more internal and emotionally raw. It’s also formatted in portrait instead of landscape mode, which is an interesting creative choice considering the cinematic sweep of the previous film.

BLACKSTAR hits CD and digital download tomorrow, but serious collectors may be interested in a limited-edition vinyl edition featuring a die-cut sleeve and 16-page booklet. It’s available for pre-order via Bowie’s web store.