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When Texting Turns to Total Terror: “annie96 is Typing…”

The following text exchange reportedly first surfaced as a chat history from WhatsApp, and was later reposted in full, along with this anonymous introduction:

While playing around with WhatsApp, I stumbled across a weird chat history between two people I don’t know. It scared the hell out of me. When I tried to find it again, the app crashed, and kept crashing.

The user then formatted the conversation to play out like an actual in-app convo, inviting the reader to click through it and read each new response. You can read the whole lengthy, chilling exchange here, but I’ll recap it for you:

Image Credit: iStock/Marco Piunti

It begins innocently enough, as a casual chat between two classmates, Annie and David:

annie96: you asleep??

mcdavey: no.. guess you’re not either :p

annie96: can’t.. it’s the wind.. sounds like cats fighting. whats your excuse? :p

mcdavey: studying 🙁

annie96: so that’s what they call porn now? :p

mcdavey: annie wtf!!!

annie96: not denying it? :p

mcdavey: I still can’t believe what johnny did today!!

annie96: me neither.. that boy has issues..

annie96: wtf the winds so loud.. that doesn’t seem normal lol

mcdavey: No wind over here. Just rain.

annie96: Lucky you. i need my beauty sleep! :p

mcdavey: Damn right you do 😉

annie96: what? you mean i look

annie96: shit i think i heard footsteps on the gravel outside

mcdavey: Get your crazy dad to check it out :p

annie96: i’m home alone! the fam are on holiday remember? i told you this!

mcdavey: Really? Till when? We should hang out 😀

annie96: they really sound like footsteps but theres something odd about them…

As the conversation turns toward the mysterious footsteps, Annie finally works up the courage to look out the window…

annie96: David theres someone in the garden!!!

mcdavey: What really?

annie96: YES, i can see a mans back…

mcdavey: What’s he doing?

annie96: he’s looking for something? on his hands and knees in the bushes…

Annie becomes frightened as the watches the mysterious stranger, who seems to be digging in the garden with his bare hands… but her fear escalates into terror when she sees the man’s face.


mcdavey: what are you talking about??

annie96: i can see you! in my garden! how are you writing here wihtout touching your phone? look up! i’m by the window can’t you hear me banging on it?

mcdavey: Fuck annie now you’re scaring me too.. I’m definitely not in your garden. That’s not me.

David insists that he is at home, and that the man in the garden must be someone else… despite the fact that the stranger seems to be wearing David’s varsity jacket, with his name on the back. He then looks up at her… and smiles.

annie96: HES COMING

mcdavey: CALL THE COPS!!!

mcdavey: ANNIE?!

mcdavey: ANNIE PICK UP

mcdavey: i’ve called the cops, told them theres a break-in attempt at your place. they said they’re on their way but it’ll take about half an hour

mcdavey: annie are you there?

annie96: its in the house. cant talk i have to be quiet. lights off. im in a closet with a knife. hard to type shaking too much

mcdavey: fuck fuck hang in there annie the police will be there in 20 mins.. do you know where he is?

annie96: IT. now he. the look it had when it saw me David.. no person could look like that..

mcdavey: jesus christ does it know where you are?

annie96: no i grabbed the knife when i saw it running toward the house and i got in the closet when i heard it breaking in

mcdavey: ok good you’ll be fine.. a druggie doesn’t have the brains to find someone hiding in the closet.. the police will be there soon!

annie96: oh god its calling out to me

annie96: it doesn’t sound like you david

annie96: its voice is so deep

annie96: filling the house

annie96: filling my head

mcdavey: what is it saying

annie96: “come out annie.”

annie96: “i just wanna look at you.”

annie96: it keeps repeating that over and over

Image Credit: iStock/Marc Dufresne

Fearing she’s losing her mind, Annie continues to huddle in the closet, with nothing but David’s texts to keep her from breaking. The thing is still calling out to her, and she can hear it coming up the stairs…

annie96: this has something to do with you david.. only you can make it stop.. think fast..


annie96: please…

mcdavey: it might be… because i think about you so much

mcdavey: i think about you all the time

annie96: so stop.

mcdavey: i dont know how

annie96: its scraping something on the walls the walls getting closer.. please david..

mcdavey: im trying. i’m trying so hard

annie96: it’s slowing down. Try harder.

annie96: Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.

annie96: it’s stopped. I can’t hear anything.

Still waiting, listening to the silence, Annie begins to panic again, but David insists that she stay in the closet until the police arrive, and that she tell them everything she just told him about the intruder.

annie96: I didn’t know you felt that way about me, David 🙂

mcdavey: i’m so glad its stopped

annie96: Can you come over in the morning David? I really need to see you 🙂

mcdavey: of course annie i’ll be there

annie96: Great! Can’t wait!

mcdavey: annie…

mcdavey: annie how do i know this is you?

David received no reply.

Okay, full disclosure, folks: apparently the entire annie96/mcdavey session was the creation of author Pascal Chatterjee, who first published the tale on He says he was inspired to write the story after being creeped out by posts from spambots on Twitter and Facebook.

In an interview with German site WebMagazin, Chatterjee said the bots’ profiles make them appear to be real people, “but you can tell from their writing that there’s no humanity in them… just heartless, opportunistic software.” He then decided to craft a story in which he “replaced the human Annie with a terrifying inhuman thing, to drive home the point that when you’re online, you never know who or what is actually messaging you.”

To make the story even more convincingly scary, Chatterjee inserted deliberate technical trickery to make the screen glitch at particularly creepy moments in the conversation. Some of these glitches can cause smartphones to vibrate, “which has apparently caused some readers to almost drop their phones.”

Wanna try it? Go here. I dare you.