The 13th Floor


It’s always a great feeling to come across horror-related collectibles. My house is decorated from top to bottom with all things genre and I’m always on the lookout for interesting, sinister additions. When I came across the incredibly impressive hand crafted, painted dolls by Christiecreepydolls, naturally my eyes lit right up. Taking regular porcelain dolls and altering their clothes and faces, Christie makes her dolls true collector’s items, with every one of them each having their own unique look.

With an eerie, evil look to them, Christie is absolutely great at what she does and her dolls are not only worth picking up, but are just the thing to help both yourself and your loved ones kick start an awesome demonic collection of dolls. We spoke to the doll maker regarding what initially drew her to create such eerie yet beautiful dolls and what makes them so unique.

Christie-Dolls-002 What started your interest in creating these wonderfully grim and evil looking dolls?

Christie: I have always loved dolls. When I was little, I played with Barbies all the time with my sister. We would make our own clothes out of whatever we had – old socks, balloons, ripped clothes. At some point we started modifying the actual dolls. Nothing too gory or anything, but it sort of laid the foundation for future projects. When I got into college, I started using old Barbies in my sculptures and I won second or third place in a local art show. It was sometime around then that I began collecting old porcelain dolls from yard sales and swap meets. Most had missing eyes or messy hair and stained clothes and I just found myself with a bunch of abandoned dolls. In 2002, I got married and we wanted to go to New Orleans on our honeymoon so we made a few creepy dolls and listed them on ebay. We used some of the dolls from my collection. Our dolls sold really well and for the first few years, me and my husband worked on them together. In about 2005, I started making the dolls all by myself and the rest is history.

Blumhouse: The dolls are so dark, yet gorgeous; do you have a professional art background?

Christie: I went to community college and took some art classes, yes. I have an AA degree in art but they do not teach what I do in school. This was all self-taught, lessons learned from trial and error, or things my ex-husband taught me. I have taken figure drawing, art history, photography, graphic design, painting and drawing classes. They gave me the tools to do my own thing. I was told by one teacher that I would never be an artist, which is hilarious! Here I am.

Blumhouse: When it comes to the dolls themselves, do you find ones that stand out to you anywhere and spend the time making them your own?

Christie: It has been almost 14 years now and I do not have a single doll I have made in my own collection. I fall in love with most of them but I know that if I kept one, I would keep them all.


Blumhouse: What’s the whole process of creating each doll and giving them their own uniquely interesting vibe and look?

Christie: In the beginning, I would make one doll at a time. Now I have many dolls in various stages of completion going at all times. It begins with a doll I find secondhand. I then strip the doll of all clothes, eyes, wigs and shoes. Then I do a base paint. Then I paint the doll or sculpt what I need to sculpt. A lot of people ask me what paints I use. I make my own mixtures of paint. After lots of trial and error I have found mixes that work best for my pieces. If you just use craft paint, it is chunky. If you just use artistic acrylics, it is gloopy and glossy and looks lumpy. I have bottles of “doll paint” that are fluid and more matte looking. After the doll is painted I either sew clothes or repurpose vintage doll clothes. Most of my dolls are girls for some reason so I figure out which wig to use. Sometimes I stain hair or create my own wigs. After the doll is finished, I photograph it and post it online.


To look through the entire collection of Christiecreepydolls, visit her at on Instagram, Facebook and via her official website right here.