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Monster Squid Shocks Seaside Spectators in Japan

Recently, multiple witnesses at Toyama Bay in Central Japan were stunned by the sudden arrival of a real-life sea monster: a colossal red-and-white squid that normally inhabits much deeper waters.

According to CNN, the colorful creature — of the species Architeuthis — was spotted by several people from a pier overlooking the bay last month, and it remained in the immediate area for several hours. During that time, local diver Akinobu Kimura took the opportunity for a closer look, and managed to capture some amazing footage while swimming alongside the humongous visitor… which eventually tried to wrap its tentacles around him.

Image Credit: YouTube/ANNews
Image Credit: YouTube/ANNews

“My curiosity was way bigger than [my] fear,” said Kimura, who was unharmed by the encounter. He added that the squid also “was not damaged and looked lively.” He then guided the squid out of danger, several hundred meters away from where it was found, and it finally “disappeared into the deep sea.”

Giant squid are most frequently spotted during the prime fishing season of November to March, according to Yuki Ikushi, curator of Toyama’s Uozu Aquarium. Ikushi told CNN that this sighting is the first of the current season, but there were 16 similar sightings last year.

Although this specimen measured more than 12 feet long, it’s actually a much smaller example of Architeuthis, which can grow as long as 43 feet.