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Is HELLRAISER’s Pinhead Robbing Gas Stations Now?

These are tough financial times for everyone, but what’s the world coming to when one of the ultimate lords of the underworld resorts to knocking over gas stations just to raise a little cash?

That’s what seems to be happening in this security-cam footage captured earlier this week at Victoria gas station in Highland, CA, which clearly depicts the infamous HELLRAISER cenobite threatening the counter clerk with a gun and making off with an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register.

The San Bernardino Sun posted the screen shot above, describing the details of the crime provided via Twitter by SB County Sheriff’s Highland Captain Anthony DeCecio. He describes the perp as being about 5’ 5” tall… which, if I’m not mistaken, is not exactly the intimidating demonic stature I remember from the HELLRAISER movies. He was also described as Hispanic, so that probably rules out British Pinhead player Doug Bradley as a suspect.

But seriously, this is a real crime, and as of this writing, the perp is still at large. Anyone with information helpful to the investigation is advised to call the Highland Sheriff at 909-425-9793.

There was no mention as to whether authorities will be consulting the Lament Configuration in their investigations.

Tip o’ the hat to our good buddy John Squires for catching this one over at iHorror.