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This LUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS Short Should Get You In The Holiday Spirit!

Here’s a quickie, creepy short film that should satiate your appetite for the macabre this Christmas!

It comes from filmmaker / actress / cinematic jack-of-all-trades Gigi Saul Guerrero, whose previous horror shorts such as DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and MEXICO BARBARO have been killing (pun intended) on the festival circuit these last few years. It’s only 2 minutes long, so kick back, maybe arm yourself with a little eggnog and Jameson, dim the lights and enjoy A LUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS. Here’s the synopsis:

A LUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS‘Twas just weeks before Christmas, and for the fans who like fright, Luchagore Productions has created something for your delight. Most know Saint Nick as a jolly old man, But we tell a tale of his sadistic master plan. So gather ‘round boys and girls, and watch if you dare, ‘Cause Santa’s intentions are sure to be a scare! Merry Christmas from Luchagore Productions! Enjoy this little holiday special, as a thank-you for all your support over the years!

You can find more Luchagore Production videos by subscribing to their official You Tube page right here! Merry Christmas, fiends!