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Outback Explorer Surprised by a Spider the Size of His Head

Lots of scary, huge and potentially deadly creatures make their homes in the Australian Outback, and while the bite of the giant golden orb-weaver spider is not fatal to humans, it’s still not exactly the kind of critter you want hitching a ride on your hat. But that’s what happened to an unnamed photographer recently, who posted this picture of an enormous female orb-weaver to Reddit, freaking the hell out of just about everyone.

According to the Daily Mirror, when the photographer caught sight of the spider, “she reared up fast,” preparing to defend herself — and he got a glimpse of the large cicada that the arachnid was still munching on.

The owners of the land he was exploring said that the spider had been around for a long time, “travelling around the property setting up base.”

Orb-weavers are extremely common to Australia, not only in the wild but often in gardens and even people’s houses. They can be aggressive and bite if they’re approached, but their venom is not deadly to humans.


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